Five Essential Video Marketing Tips


Five Essential Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing is turning out as an important ingredient for business success due to its tremendous possibility to reach large number of customers. Without the burden of heavy and complicated texts, videos can influence customers by its proper broadcasting through social media. The most attractive thing is that, within thirty seconds of time, a customer can gather all the information he needed about a product through a good video clip.

It’s because of today’s advanced technology, making of a good video that can grab lot of attention and popularity is not a herculean task. By receiving some help of an animation video creating agency or by using own Smartphone cameras individuals as well as businesses can make videos. It’s not just the making of video, but marketing through them is the vital factor here. Below are mentioned five facts which may help to make your video marketing successful in the present era of innovation and creativity –

1.     Video Publication Calendar

A well planned publishing schedule is important in video marketing. Rather than finishing the publication job by posting a single video, go for a campaign with a series of short videos. You might have a story to tell to your audience. Break it into small pieces and run it for a few weeks as a series. It will help to gather more attention from your target audience and arouse their curiosity about your product.

When you have strategized your plan and sure about the theme of the videos you are going to publish, set up a calendar for them to go on air. Arrange them to be published in an even manner and always plan them to be out before you are doing a huge product launching or prior to some important events. Give focus to plan the videos to come out in a way that they remain fresh in your customers’ memory so that they seek your brand specifically after the launching for a long time.

2.     Micro Videos

It is an era of reformation via social media. It makes communication effort free with precise and short statements or visuals. With micro-videos applications, it is possible to reduce the length of the videos less than ten seconds, to make them suitable for posting in Instagram or Twitter. In the micro-videos form, customers can view the message while they are scrolling through their social media posts. Business brands are able to send video messages for large audiences thorough Facebook or Vine which may play automatically as the user scrolled through his or her feeds. Instagram usually allows 3-15 seconds for a video and Vine allows 6 seconds.

3.     Short Videos with Tips and Tutorials

Posting tutorials related to your line of business is a good way to connect with interested people. It may seem like you are disclosing your secrets. However, you are turning into a subject expert here and people may look for you and seek you out to learn more. For example, a salon can provide styling or grooming tips, a marketing enterprise can do a short video series about building a special brand making use of social media etc. With tutorials, it will be easy to find potential for a short video series. With that you can always connect with the customers and they may be waiting for the next video to come out.

4.     Created by customers

Using the videos created by your customers is even a better way to do your campaign. It may create more interest in other customers than a company created video. Instead of spending too much time for planning a script and making videos, invite your customers to do short product related videos with a prize offering for best videos. You may get interesting responses, and from them you may be able to choose videos to do your marketing campaign. Customers created videos have the potential to show people’s interest in your product brand and others also may tempt to try it out.

5.     Strong Call to Action

After watching the video your customers should have something to do further. Otherwise, they will simply enjoy the video and move on. So, it is better to incorporate a coupon code to use on your website, or a discount to the local customers who mentions the content of your video while coming in to your store etc. With a few words included at the end of the video a great change may happen.

Big companies like Amazon, CloudBooks, Zendesk and more are taking the advantage of video marketing to reach most of its audience.

Remember, this is the era of digital marketing with umpteen possibilities for video marketing of products and brands. Videos hold enormous potential to convey more precise messages and have more power to attract customers. With a proper calendar and plan of action through your short videos you can reach out millions of customers out there via social media and do marketing neatly and successfully.

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