10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Online


If you are one of those individuals who are not able to get approved by Google Adsense, then you can use these Adsense Alternative to make some residual income.

Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is one of the best alternatives for Google Adsense and has hit the industry with tons of features. In fact it is a performance Ad network that pays you for better results. This platform includes CPC and CPM models along with monetization channels.

Info Links

Infolinks is regarded as a pay per click advertisement network which let the users to make money through blogs based on particular keywords. It indexes your web pages and add hyperlinks in the text. It is great for huge websites in Spanish, German, French and English languages.


Chitika allows users to customize the ads but it can serve only contextual ads. The best thing about Chitika is that it can be used along with Google Adsense. It makes payment through Paypal.


Kontera is one of the impressive ad networks and a good alternative for Google adsense. This in-text ad service works well only if you have Canada, US and European traffic. It is quite eaier to approve and you can receive payment through Paypal.

Google Adsense Alternatives


Clicksor is an ad advertising network which lets you to serve contextual, text and popup ads. It shares around 60% of the revenue based on the ad and will pay you through Paypal. It is very easy to approve clicksor. All you need is just sign in and create an account for you.

Bit Advertiser

It is a pay per click advertisement network which can be a great alternative to Google adsense. This bid advertiser creates a bidding system which allows higher bidders to post ads on your blogs. You need to stay longer to make more revenue.


This is the most reliable Adsense alternative, especially in terms of serving ads. It comes with great CTR and operates with various languages. In order to apply this network, you should have monthly views around 50,000.

Buy Sell Ads

This is one of the best advertisement networks available today. It is represented as a store or a marketplace where you can sell and buy ads. Creating an account in this network is quite a daunting task. You need some good number of visitors or page views per month. It can pay off around 75% of revenue generated.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is a CPM AD network which can let the users to generate passive income, especially if they have a good website with a huge number of visitors per month. Unless you get more than 50,000 visitors per month to your website, it is very hard to get your website approved by Tribal fusion.


Viglink is entirely different from other Ad networks. All the normal links are converted into affiliate links. If anyone buys something using your link, you will be earning commission out of it. Viglink can also add new affiliate links and convert current links to affiliate links automatically.


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