10 Best Google Adwords PPC Tips for Online Marketing Campaigns


Google adwords display is an efficient means of making advertisements on the websites to boost one’s brand or business of no matter what type.

Setting up a particular GDN campaign

This should be your first priority for adword display program as when you are not particular in these matters, you cannot able to identify campaigns and they will get mixed up. Going for the campaigns favors you by optimizing the search campaigns and also the setup is entirely different from that of other campaigns.

google adwords ppc

Have a themed ad groups and make use of conversion tracking tool

When you have a single ad group, only one theme is included to your google display network, as normally everyone has a single theme. But, to improve the number of themes, no other way can be found than increasing the number of ad groups. There is a ad group conversion tool available that could of great help. It performs the task of tracking ad groups that are difficult to grasp and making it to offer you accurate conversion data.

Make flexible the size of banners

This proves to be other effective google adwords PPC tips. When the size of banner appears flexible, then there is more chance that your ad is identified by people of all types. In fact, google offers a range of choices to choose the banner size. This facilitates the fact that your ad gets more exposure than others.

Specific text ads should be displayed

There is a great difference between display and search result. Anyone who searches for a particular advertisement of what you have on the search engine might find your advertisement in the result page. Consider including some special deals that may attract the searchers’ attention.

Exclude unwanted sites

If you notice that your ad is displayed on the site that does not perform well, then exclude it immediately. It is because the presence of your advertisement in such site may bring you negative effects.

Top movers report

Using adwords top movers report, you can able to recognize the top campaigns which have been accountable for increases in spend or click. It also offers you other metrics about such campaigns, like if the click through rate has improved, so that you can guess why there is an increase in clicks.

Adwords scripts

Adwords script is awesome for automating processes and saving time that have turned a quite monotonous. They are perfect in collecting information and giving you notifications so that you can spend reduced time to scrutinize the campaigns for errors/issues.

Auction insights

This report is helpful when you have a client who is really focused on overcoming the competitors, as it offers a proper suggestion of your performance in the ad auctions.

Adwords labels

Adwords labels are especially helpful to make some keywords, ads, ad groups and also campaigns with details that is not stored already in adwords.

Adwords time lag report

Using this report is a best way to decide how long must be your remarketing list durations or even to influence your client to perform remarketing at the first place.


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