How To Get Top Rank in Google


Hello Readers, in this post I am going to teach you ” How to get top rank in Google”. though these are simple SEO tips but took a lot of  research and work experience to implement those.

Let me describe it this way:

  • Users only want to learn new things.
  • Users only want useful contents.
  • Users want to learn very quick.
  • Users will share it if they are impressed.

That is why new, useful, quality contents are always king. So this is major rule that “content is king”.

How Google finds a quality content ? and Tips to put keywords :

  • Google’s crawlers is becoming intelligent day by day, so it can read and find it useful or not as we can. this is only a basic evaluation.
  • The majority of the quality finding is done by checking how many link pointing towards that particular page. ( Internal/External)
  • For external links Google checks whether that site is good or bad. Depending on this your site may be awarded or ignored or even penalized.
  • In this scenario anchor text is very useful and text linking without spamming is always great.
  • Don’t put lot of keywords unnecessary, text must be placed as needed only. With links to internal or external related subject page only.
  • For keywords try to put those words which are in trend and mostly searches too. You can use Google AdWords  keywords tool or for major keywords.
  • After complete research of keywords next work to put those keywords in your blog posts or webpages. Try to link those keywords to other relevant blog posts of your site ( Internal links)  for which you wish to rank high in Google.

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How To Get Top Rank in Google


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  1. Well this is very informative and useful, though I knew all those points.. but the way you described very useful for all seo people..

    keep it up..

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