Why Link Building Still So Important In SEO – Know Tips of Link Building


Importance of Link Building in SEO

Link building is all about earning some links that you deserve. Finding particular opportunities and capitalizing on them is extremely crucial. Link building is still playing a major role in SEO as the digital world penetrates a lot into our culture. Earlier, consumers questioned whether making purchases over the internet were safe; whether it was safe to provide personal information online. But forwarding to 2015, every business should have their presence online to compete with rivals. Only a very few industries are left, which are not aided by an authoritative, visible, online presence.

Link Building

Websites are regarded as the digital representation of businesses. For most of the industries, the websites are extremely crucial than physical locations as they strongly believe that they could serve an umpteen number of customers through their websites. Moreover, search is the best method of finding required information and business. It is revealed that nearly 51% of traffic comes from search. So, search is the most dominant channel online. If you are concerned about branding, reputation management, revenue or more traffic, the search visibility should be included in your marketing plan.

In order to enhance your search visibility, you should have a concern about links. You must have a partnering business or staff member to optimize your link gaining. At least, you need to have someone engaged in online marketing and developing link opportunities.

Of course, there are some effective tips which help you to build links in the natural way.

Earn links

Earlier, you can plant links wherever you life. But the best way to earn link juice and recognitions from the readers is to create fascinating content which would be loved by people to link. Being highly recognized in social networking sites is also a great way of earning links. With numerous socially active people, it is really the simplest way of reaching your target audience.

Shun Similar Anchor Text

Before, everyone invest on optimizing identical anchor text. As of now, this does not work out well. If you have several identical anchor texts, search engines understand that your site is over-optimized. You must remember that Google loves a natural assortment of anchor texts.

Link Diversity

Link diversity means that you should not point all back links to the homepage or a specific page on your website. You must spend some considerable time to balance the external links and build links for several other pages too. Getting links from various types of websites or websites with various extensions is highly recommended.

Gain No-Follow Links

Though it does not pass any link juice, you must remember that these no-follow links are good referral and play a vital role in boosting your traffic. Traffic represent the performance of your website to Google.

Get Links through Testimonials

If you are able to implement this tip effectively, you can get pretty good number of testimonials linking back to your website. However, you should not do this just for link building as the testimonial pages are meant for showing sincere commendation to customers.


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