5 Things Not To Implement in SEO to Avoid Google Penalty


If you want to stay away from SEO penalty, you need to rest assure that your website is free of five dangerous things that you should never think of implementing.

Over Optimization

Over optimization of a website is something that certainly attracts penalty. Many website owners over optimize their site by making too much links to point their website. It is possible to manipulate the amount of links pointing towards a site by different means. There are few web owners who this as a favor and end up having hundreds and even thousands of links directing towards their site. This turns as a big issue when such sites occupy a place on Google’s first page, while all other competitors reached the first page with an average of 45 links. This results in a red flag from google and eventually, you will be given penalty for over-optimization.

SEO google penalties

Keyword Stuffing

The practice of shoving as much SEO keywords on a page as possible as physically or simply, keyword stuffing, has been a great nuisance of SEO white hats for a long time. Google dislikes these sorts of black hat techniques like keyword stuffing as such methods focus on tricking the search engine algorithm instead of delivering a great user experience. A web owner must never try to implement keyword stuffing and by doing so, he can avoid SEO penalty.

Thin, Low Quality and Duplicate Content

Duplicate and low quality content is the popular topics in the platform of search engine optimization. Google never wants to provide the searchers with the same content for the same query. Rather, they want to broaden the results to their users. Hence, those sites that post the same page, article or post have a great probability of getting penalty from Google. There are also few sites that bluntly have a copied content which is merely pasted on the web pages. Stay clear of the low quality, thin and duplicate content for your site and avoid SEO penalty.

Excessive Link Building

SEO experts offer advice to keep SEO and link building as natural as possible. With this statement, they refer that through you may think that having hundreds of sites to link you is a good idea, but it actually damage the site reputation more than anything in terms of search engine optimization. As mentioned earlier reaching the first page of Google with excessive links is like tricking the google algorithm and this should never be done as it would only attract penalty.

Exact Anchor Text Link

Link building has long been employed as a method to enhance search engine rankings, but the actual fact is that search engines are against webmasters who attempt manipulating the search engine results. A few years back, one of the simple ways to have a keyword rank better in google was to using that keyword exactly as anchor text. But, as of now, it is not the case. Keep in mind, manipulating the rankings of search engines is not what search engines prefer. In fact, the recent penguin algorithm update clearly identified this tactic of using keyword exactly as anchor text to be invalid.


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